Martin Howey, Business Consultant "I've been in business for more than 46 years, and am always on the lookout for new, innovative, cutting edge ideas and strategies that can help me improve the way I run my businesses. Some 7 or 8 years ago, I ran across a literal goldmine of such a resource named Becky Auer. For many businesses, just maintaining status quo is a major victory. Customers are more sophisticated, educated, and informed than ever before, and competition is sharper - even to the point of being cutthroat - and will do practically anything to take away your best customers. And that's where having a "ace up your sleeve" like Becky comes in handy. With more than 20 years of business experience, and having owned several businesses herself, Becky is a never-ending fountain of practical, real-world, and easily implementable ideas that produce quantifiable and measureable results in today's tough economic climate. She doesn't operate from a "I think this is a good idea, so let's try it" posture; Becky "has been there and has done it", and only teaches those things that she has first-hand experience with, and that she has confidence that will generate the results you're looking for. It has been my experience, that Becky not only "knows her stuff," but knows it better, communicates it more effectively, and is easier to work with than any of the so-called marketing or business-building "gurus" or "experts." If I were starting over today, looking for someone that could help me get my new business up and running and generating bankable profits as quickly as possible... or get my existing business operating well into the black, Becky Auer would be my first choice... she's that good. And I can recommend her without reservation or hesitation. "
Martin Howey, Business Consultant

Mark Benda "Becky is a very pleasant, giving and generous person but don't let that fool you!.I think you'll find her to also be a no fluff, straight shooter who is focused on one important thing. To get measurable results and find solutions to business challenges. A perfect mix of personalization, professionalism and results."
Mark Benda

Erin Turo "No BS Marketing Meeting has provided our chiropractic office with fantastic marketing ideas and tactics that we've been able to implement over the last year. We've seen great results and continue to attend meeting to improve our approach and earn even more. The atmosphere at our No BS meetings is perfect for sharing ideas, forming joint ventures with like businesses, and. gaining energy from people who truly want you to succeeded. I can say it's the best marketing investment a small business can make. "
Erin Turo

John Pournaras "Becky Auer is my go to person! When she runs a monthly meeting along with Weston Lyon, it is an eye opener and well worth it. Becky has an on the spot answer for your questions. That's what makes her really special. I have been part of her VIP group for the past three years, not only to I make this appointment time, I reschedule clients to get to that meeting."
John Pournaras

Fran Treloar "Becky is very knowledgeable in helping businesses with marketing ideas. She is very creative and when I implement what she suggests, I get excellent results. No BS Marketing has helped my business grow with all the unique marketing ideas provided. Becky is very professional and passionate about what she does and she makes marketing fun."
Fran Treloar

Linda Barnicott "Becky is an amazing business woman, leader, innovator, mentor and all around nice person to work with. She always goes beyond the call of duty to help make you the best you can be. If you are looking to grow your business and get better connected I highly recommend you seriously think about joining her Profit Catapult Business School Inc."
Linda Barnicott

Charles Pellegrini "Becky is an excellent source for Outrageous Marketing for your business. She is also a great motivator, and implementer. Becky can show your results oriented marketing for your business that is measurable, and can you can justify its expenditure from the return on investment for your marketing dollars. I highly recommend Becky as marketing consultant for your business...your bottom line will speak for itself."
Charles Pellegrini

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt "Becky, you are a light in the wild world of marketing. When talking with you, I can tell you are hearing me and tuning into my needs. Your expertise is expansive and creativity is unmatched. I also love your kindness and genuine caring and desire to help us solo-preneurs get our marketing ducks in order. You are a gift! Thank you for all your help and the occasional kick in the rear. "
Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt

Sunita Pandit "Becky Auer steps up to the business marketing plate to take me by the hand to accomplish the goal we set together. Her No BS Marketing monthly meeting promotes members' businesses and their accomplishments so that while she teaches, she encourages networking and creation of new connections. The small business owners receive encouragement and guidance stepping them into the much bigger picture of their capacity. Congratulations Becky in all that you have accomplished and for sharing! "
Sunita Pandit

Ted Lanzo "Becky is a great business marketer. She has helped us with offering our clients a free CD set, newsletter and they could attend her marketing meeting."
Ted Lanzo

Craig Valine "Becky is a street-smart entrepreneur and savvy marketer who knows her stuff. She understands business and how to turn them around and make them a great success because she's done it herself in her own businesses. She's a fantastic person and is fun to work with. I wish I had the opportunity to work with her more."
Craig Valine

Joanne Quinn Smith "As a Member of Becky's No BS Marketing Mastermind Group, her advice and counsel have been invaluable. She has a rare talent for copywriting, direct response marketing and marketing promotions that most business coaches only aspire to. Rapid growth and sustainability for her Master Mind Members is what she is all about. As a Glazer Kennedy certified consultant, Becky Auer is not only creative but has out of the box solutions for direct response marketing. Her well executed meetings cover a myriad of marketing challenges from A to Z with expertise and a style unparalleled in the marketing community in Pittsburgh and nationally."
Joanne Quinn Smith

Diane Conklin "Becky Auer is an amazing marketer and business woman. She stays on top of all the new trends while continuing to use and endorse the old stand-by, tried and true systems for marketing and business building. I highly recommend Becky!"
Diane Conklin

Lynda Stucky "I started taking classes from the Profit Catapult Business School in 2011. The ideas that I received have been practical and easy to implement. I usually have way more ideas than I can actually do but there are always simple ideas that I can use that have impact, too. Becky has been encouraging and helpful in all of my marketing efforts. She has helped me create more powerful messages that increase visibility, value and profitability. If you are looking for a way to grow your business, I highly recommend Becky Auer to help you succeed!"
Lynda Stucky

Lisa Spahr, M.Sc., PMP "Becky helped my businesses grow and educated me in Kennedy marketing genius, with clear and absolute return on investment. She's the only person I turn to for creative, results-oriented, marketing practices that can boost profit, identify new clients, and strengthen my current relationship with existing clients. She's also not your typical stiff marketing consultant. She's fun, personable and just energizing to be around."
Lisa Spahr, M.Sc., PMP

Bill Frase "I highly recommend Becky to anyone who is interested in becoming better at business and marketing. She has been very generous with me and has helped me accomplish my own objectives. She is great to work with not only because of her technical expertise and experience, but more importantly because of how she sees people and treats them. I believe this is the key to her success and the most valuable lesson I have learned from her."
Bill Frase

Matthew Tomsho "There are three things you must do for your business to be a success: 1. Marketing, 2. Marketing, 3. Marketing, and it is really tough trying to figure it out on your own. I have been attending Becky's No BS Marketing meetings and have been a part of one of her masterminds for the last year, and she has helped me focus my efforts, come up with new ideas, and been motivational in getting things done. Becky is extremely knowledgeable in marketing, and she brings a clear and honest view to discussion regarding my business and the appropriate ways to market it. She has been invaluable to me in getting my marketing focus and tactics organized in 2011 and I look forward to working with her as a lot of the ideas we have come up going into execution in 2012."
Matthew Tomsho

Ashley Moss Kurkiewicz "When I attended Becky's marketing workshops, it was always the highlight of my month. I enjoyed the presentations, but even more, the ideas I took away with me to implement to improve our marketing program. Becky looks for the most effective way for a business to market - and is full of creative ideas. I have since used many of the marketing tools she taught in my own business and for my marketing clients."
Ashley Moss Kurkiewicz

Diana Fletcher "Becky is THE authority and owns the space of marketing, business growth, & positioning. Becky will save you at least 2 years of time, thousands of dollars, and much frustration. By connecting with her you can access her 20+ years of marketing and sales background and watch her demonstrate all the ways she has used her own marketing by making her own businesses successful. With Becky, it isn't just talk. She's actually proven that her techniques work and are profitable! "
Diana Fletcher

Lou Lombardi "The No B.S. Marketing Meeting is a great place to network. I am now actively working with 2 people (companies) in an official capacity that have I met there and both are moving me faster toward my goals than ever before. It's also a great resource for tips and ideas. Every meeting is filled with ideas that can quickly, easily and affordably be applied to any business. There is also no place locally where you can find a more supportive group of people. Everyone is so encouraging and genuinely helpful. This a group of extremely high quality people. I am very grateful that I have found them! "
Lou Lombardi "Loudini"

Cheyenne Warriner "Becky is an innovative and outstanding marketing professional. She comes to the table with fresh, out-of-the-box ideas and dedication to seeing her clients be successful. She truly is a marketing "mastermind" and you will not regret working with her!"
Cheyenne Warriner

Don Darragh "…the bottom line is…We Made Money! Usually, we are lucky to get 1 response. I am happy to say, we got 16 responses. And better yet, 16 sales totaling well over $100,000.00 in business. Not only was the letter openable, it was readable, made people pick up the phone, cost us under $300, and best of all….It was PROFITABLE! I wouldn’t have, and couldn’t have, done it without your influence and guidance. Your knowledge has been nothing but positive on me and my entire business."
Don Darragh